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Chen Wen-Pu qualified for the Hangzhou 2022 Asian Games and was awarded a bonus by the Tainan Municipal Sports Federation Athletics AssociationOffice of International Affairs2023/6/9
Chen Hui-Ping, the former vice president of NUTN, was elected as the president of NUTN and will take office on August 1stOffice of International Affairs2023/5/3
Track and Field / Chen Wen-Pu ran 200m in 20.69s, second only to Yang Jun-HanOffice of International Affairs2023/4/19
NUTN signs MOU with Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance to promote financial educationOffice of International Affairs2023/3/29
NUTN hosts Ministry of Education Digital Learning Companion Program to initiate university companion teachingOffice of International Affairs2023/3/28
NUTN Won the National Creative Song-Jiang Array CompetitionOffice of International Affairs2023/3/20
The Epitome of Tainan Cultural History “The Life of Pan Yuan-Shih”Office of International Affairs2023/3/20
NUTN holds the "111 Years Workshop on Improving Learning Support and Promotion Strategies for Primary and Secondary School Students"Office of International Affairs2022/12/5
Tens of Billions of Business Opportunities! Electric Vehicle Energy Storage Industry Technology Seminar DebutOffice of International Affairs2022/12/5
NUTN social practice has achieved fruitful results, leading students to pay attention to the local areaOffice of International Affairs2022/11/14
21 students of The National University of Tainan were selected to be concierge attendants for the 2022 National Day ceremonyOffice of International Affairs2022/10/11
NUTN Biological Sciences and Technology International Team solve the mystery of giant isopod species - Bathynomus yucatanensis is registered as a new species in the world, and the James deep-water louse is registered as a new species in TaiwanOffice of International Affairs2022/10/3
NUTN organizes freshman English camp to strengthen international mobilityOffice of International Affairs2022/9/28
NUTN hosted one week of ‘multicultural’ online and in-person activities to widen students’ international vision.Office of International Affairs2022/5/30
NUTN won the 2022 "Vision" USR University Social Responsibility Model AwardOffice of International Affairs2022/5/9
Congratulations to several professors named in the “World’s Top 2% Scientists 2020”Office of International Affairs2022/3/7
〈Wide Angle Lens of Campus〉The Competition of Earthquake Resistance, ASHS.NUTN Won 2 Gold Medals, 2 Bronze Medals, and 4 Honorable MentionOffice of International Affairs2022/3/3