Category:NUTN News (English)
主旨(Subject)公告單位(Department)公告日期(Time Posted)
From Cocoa to Chocolate, National University of Tainan Affiliated Primary School Children Exclaimed It Would Take a MonthOffice of International Affairs2021/4/19
The screening of teachers burst with people at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2021/4/19
NUTN Recognized Outstanding Students and Held Awards CeremonyOffice of International Affairs2021/4/9
NUTN United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) Tutorial Program Opening Ceremony, Planting the Hope of EducationOffice of International Affairs2021/3/22
Writer Badai’s homecoming speech, an outstanding alumnus of National University of Tainan, the liberal arts lecture is elegant and strong literaryOffice of International Affairs2021/3/22
National University of Tainan (NUTN) and Kaohsiung Software Park jointly handle student entrepreneurship training coursesOffice of International Affairs2021/3/12
NUTN held Global Elementary and Middle School Online Innovation Learning Model Observation and CompetitionOffice of International Affairs2021/3/8
Innovative and Pragmatic NUTN EMBA ProgramOffice of International Affairs2020/12/15
National University of Tainan host the annual conference of international symposium with Taiwan Association for Schools of Public Administration and Affairs (TASPAA)Office of International Affairs2020/12/15
NUTN held a series of events “2020 International Cultural Week” encouraging students to expand international perspectiveOffice of International Affairs2020/11/25
NUTN Recognized outstanding students and held Awards CeremonyOffice of International Affairs2020/10/30
NUTN organized a series of “English Workshops” to help students master the essential of English certification, resume writing, and interviewing.Office of International Affairs2020/10/29
NUTN Trains Bilingual Teachers, Launch Comprehensive Training ProjectOffice of International Affairs2020/10/8
Department of Visual Arts and Design Holds Faculty’s Joint ExhibitionOffice of International Affairs2020/10/6
President Tzung-hsien Huang Indicates Outsourcing Institutional Evaluation Increases International CompetitivenessOffice of International Affairs2020/10/6
National University of Tainan Holds the Freshman English Camp 2020Office of International Affairs2020/9/14
National University of Tainan Holds English Thesis Writing Workshop for Graduate StudentsOffice of International Affairs2020/9/14
NUTN Cooperated with Rende Elementary School, Developing Man-Robot AI Co-LearningOffice of International Affairs2020/7/3
NUTN invited Cheng-Sheng Yu( Voice Actor of 《Crayon Shin-chan》) to share the story-“Cartoon Life of Uncle The Voice Actor”Office of International Affairs2020/6/8
Wen-Huan Lee (NUTN PhD Student ) won 2020 Presidential Education AwardOffice of International Affairs2020/6/2
NUTN United Microelectronics Corporation (UMC) Tutorial Program Opening Ceremony, Planting the Hope of EducationOffice of International Affairs2020/4/24