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A Smart Product Launch by NUTN Digital Science and Technology DepartmentOffice of International Affairs2018/12/12
Professor Tsai’s Lecture on Modern Calligraphy :the conception of calligraphic art and the reappearance of ingenuityOffice of International Affairs2018/12/12
Cultivating Learning, Promoting Education, a Seminar of "Improving the Theory and the Practices of Remedial Instruction in Primary and Secondary Schools" by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/11/27
The UMC Tutorial Center at NUTN Explore AstronomyOffice of International Affairs2018/11/16
Becoming a Bleu-bird of Freedom, CEO ReiShan Tsai shares with students of NUTN about the power of thinking.Office of International Affairs2018/11/16
Dr. YueJuan Jian from NUTN Invited to Hualian and Taitung to Deliver a Lecture regarding Calligraphy HealthOffice of International Affairs2018/10/17
Micro-flip Happiness Campaign - Blood DonationOffice of International Affairs2018/10/11
The Opening Ceremony of NUTN New Student DormitoryOffice of International Affairs2018/10/4
Parents satisfied with the Parent-Teacher Meeting held by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/9/27
2018 Taiwan Literature Digital Game Script Campaign Awards CeremonyOffice of International Affairs2018/9/18
Experiencing pulling sugar onion and blowing the sugar up in person makes the children in remote areas an unforgettable memory of the old-time tastes.Office of International Affairs2018/7/23
NUTN held the evaluation and exposition of student clubs in 2017 academic year. This campaign was opened with lots of clubs and was bustling with noise and excitement.Office of International Affairs2018/7/23
The career lectures held by the Department of Drama at NUTN let you win at the starting point of your life.Office of International Affairs2018/7/23
Taiwanese Language-learning Robot Invented by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/7/23
Hearing Impaired JiaWen Lin Won the Gold Medal in Tennis Competition Office of International Affairs2018/6/7
Foreign students at NUTN and Taiwanese students at National Chia-Chi Senior High School jointly sent their love to the lonely elderly at HuashanOffice of International Affairs2018/6/7
Forever Young with vitality: The exhibition of performances and collections by the senior learning camp at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/5/30
“Walk with Benevolence”: A joint charity event held by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/5/30
The UMC tutorial center launched the simulate recruitment of teachers with one hundred people at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/5/14
Visual Arts and Design Department of NUTN was nominated by Young Pin Design AwardOffice of International Affairs2018/5/14
The Teacher Education students of NUTN went to George Town, Malaysia for multicultural visits.Office of International Affairs2018/4/30
The student association of NUTN was honored with the first prize and the outstanding regulation award by National performance contest and observation of student associationsOffice of International Affairs2018/4/30
E-commerce Big Data Operation and Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship Classes at NUTN Office of International Affairs2018/4/26
A lecture about the legal knowledge related to off-campus housing at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/4/26
“Have Fun in Creating”, The Master Speech for the “Art Heritage and Innovation” program of NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/4/10
“The academic forum of Bo Yang in 2018” was grandly opened at NUTN. Office of International Affairs2018/4/10
As the UMC tutorial center enters the twelfth year, students at NUTN play riddle games to celebrate the New Year. Office of International Affairs2018/3/24
To strengthen the safety measures on campus, NUTN distinctly launched the response drill.Office of International Affairs2018/3/24
NUTN held the opening ceremony for the second semester of 2017 academic year, and encouraged students to learn happily.Office of International Affairs2018/3/15
Theater in the Museum: the cooperation of the Performing art team to help Aberle perform at Taiwanese history museum.Office of International Affairs2018/3/15
National University of Tainan was selected to be on the Asia University Ranking by "The Times Higher Education Supplement” of the UKOffice of International Affairs2018/3/3
Ring the bell of happiness at NUTN, and wish all the lovers happiness all their lives.Office of International Affairs2018/3/3
The Seagull Club of NUTN Went to Shan Hua Elementary School to Hold a Winter Recreation Camp Titled “Seagull Interstellar Galaxy Expedition“.Office of International Affairs2018/2/20
Adults and Children Go Hand in Hand to Walk in Arts at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/2/20
The Teacher Education students at NUTN went to the remote area to improve the English oral ability of elementary school students.Office of International Affairs2018/2/11
The waste soil from fish farms, which was improperly dumped into the habitat of Yanshuei Estuary Fiddler crabs deteriorated the living environment of the crabs .Office of International Affairs2018/2/11
NUTN Student Club of Kindness hold a winter camp titled “sparkle the inner universe of the giant Totoro” Office of International Affairs2018/2/5
NUTN Department of Information and Learning Technology holds DigiTED, a technological collective short talk feastOffice of International Affairs2018/1/31
Family-Interaction Fun Cards Reflect SubconsciousnessOffice of International Affairs2018/1/16
Blood Donation at National University of Tainan to show love for others and Being healthyOffice of International Affairs2018/1/5
NUTN International Week: International Community & Diversity of NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/1/5
Oral History Documentary “On and off, To be continued” at National University of Tainan.Office of International Affairs2017/12/29
NUTN Corporates with T.S. Mall: Graduates-to-be Experience the WorkplaceOffice of International Affairs2017/12/29
Reserve a Better self: A Speech by The Vice General Manager Chia-Te Wu in College of Management at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/12/22
NUTN Invites The Chairman of TAMEE Zong-Shun Huang To Give a Talk about the Coast of Taiwan and the Attitude Toward Coastal CrisesOffice of International Affairs2017/12/22
NUTN collaborates with Long Gang Elementary School: Summer Camp of Character EducationOffice of International Affairs2017/9/14
NUTN Students Head to Malaysia for Educational InternshipOffice of International Affairs2017/7/6
NUTN Students to Conduct Summer Camps at Remote AreasOffice of International Affairs2017/6/26
2017 Tainan I College ITRI Leader Training Program Kicks Off at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/6/26
NUTN Carries out Industry-University Collaboration with SSS Life HotelOffice of International Affairs2017/6/19
NUTN International Students Present Writings after a Semester-long Free Calligraphy ClassOffice of International Affairs2017/6/19
NUTN Holds Industry-University Collaboration Product Launch with Green Maker Technology Co.Office of International Affairs2017/6/12
NUTN and NCKU Invite Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Director Yann LeCun to Taiwan Office of International Affairs2017/6/5
NUTN Students Head to Malaysia for Multicultural Trainee CourseOffice of International Affairs2017/5/31