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Hearing Impaired JiaWen Lin Won the Gold Medal in Tennis Competition Office of International Affairs2018/6/7
Foreign students at NUTN and Taiwanese students at National Chia-Chi Senior High School jointly sent their love to the lonely elderly at HuashanOffice of International Affairs2018/6/7
Forever Young with vitality: The exhibition of performances and collections by the senior learning camp at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/5/30
“Walk with Benevolence”: A joint charity event held by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/5/30
The UMC tutorial center launched the simulate recruitment of teachers with one hundred people at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/5/14
Visual Arts and Design Department of NUTN was nominated by Young Pin Design AwardOffice of International Affairs2018/5/14
The Teacher Education students of NUTN went to George Town, Malaysia for multicultural visits.Office of International Affairs2018/4/30
The student association of NUTN was honored with the first prize and the outstanding regulation award by National performance contest and observation of student associationsOffice of International Affairs2018/4/30
E-commerce Big Data Operation and Internet Marketing Entrepreneurship Classes at NUTN Office of International Affairs2018/4/26
A lecture about the legal knowledge related to off-campus housing at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/4/26
“Have Fun in Creating”, The Master Speech for the “Art Heritage and Innovation” program of NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/4/10
“The academic forum of Bo Yang in 2018” was grandly opened at NUTN. Office of International Affairs2018/4/10
As the UMC tutorial center enters the twelfth year, students at NUTN play riddle games to celebrate the New Year. Office of International Affairs2018/3/24
To strengthen the safety measures on campus, NUTN distinctly launched the response drill.Office of International Affairs2018/3/24
NUTN held the opening ceremony for the second semester of 2017 academic year, and encouraged students to learn happily.Office of International Affairs2018/3/15
Theater in the Museum: the cooperation of the Performing art team to help Aberle perform at Taiwanese history museum.Office of International Affairs2018/3/15
National University of Tainan was selected to be on the Asia University Ranking by "The Times Higher Education Supplement” of the UKOffice of International Affairs2018/3/3
Ring the bell of happiness at NUTN, and wish all the lovers happiness all their lives.Office of International Affairs2018/3/3
The Seagull Club of NUTN Went to Shan Hua Elementary School to Hold a Winter Recreation Camp Titled “Seagull Interstellar Galaxy Expedition“.Office of International Affairs2018/2/20
Adults and Children Go Hand in Hand to Walk in Arts at NUTN.Office of International Affairs2018/2/20
The Teacher Education students at NUTN went to the remote area to improve the English oral ability of elementary school students.Office of International Affairs2018/2/11
The waste soil from fish farms, which was improperly dumped into the habitat of Yanshuei Estuary Fiddler crabs deteriorated the living environment of the crabs .Office of International Affairs2018/2/11
NUTN Student Club of Kindness hold a winter camp titled “sparkle the inner universe of the giant Totoro” Office of International Affairs2018/2/5
NUTN Department of Information and Learning Technology holds DigiTED, a technological collective short talk feastOffice of International Affairs2018/1/31
Family-Interaction Fun Cards Reflect SubconsciousnessOffice of International Affairs2018/1/16
Blood Donation at National University of Tainan to show love for others and Being healthyOffice of International Affairs2018/1/5
NUTN International Week: International Community & Diversity of NUTNOffice of International Affairs2018/1/5
Oral History Documentary “On and off, To be continued” at National University of Tainan.Office of International Affairs2017/12/29
NUTN Corporates with T.S. Mall: Graduates-to-be Experience the WorkplaceOffice of International Affairs2017/12/29
Reserve a Better self: A Speech by The Vice General Manager Chia-Te Wu in College of Management at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/12/22
NUTN Invites The Chairman of TAMEE Zong-Shun Huang To Give a Talk about the Coast of Taiwan and the Attitude Toward Coastal CrisesOffice of International Affairs2017/12/22
The Well-known Writer, Shi Jun-Zhou Talks about History of Taiwan Literature at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/12/15
Opening Ceremony for 119th Anniversary of NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/12/15
International Students of NUTN: Pay a Visit to AnpingOffice of International Affairs2017/12/8
NUTN Friendship Ambassadors Show Their Elegance and Confidence and assume the Receptionists of 2017 National Language Contest.Office of International Affairs2017/12/8
NUTN Master Series from The College of Performance and Visual Arts – Professor Helen Nicholson Shares Research on Museum TheatreOffice of International Affairs2017/12/1
The Connection between Interest and Career, Shared by Alumnus Zhang Yi-Chi (Anchor of ELTA) at Alma mater, NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/12/1
“Pride & Prejudice” at NUTN: 10 Receipts for a TicketOffice of International Affairs2017/12/1
NUTN Holds an International Symposium on Advanced Education and Discusses Teaching and learning in Flipped EducationOffice of International Affairs2017/11/24
Thinking Globally: NUTN holds the Orientation of Exchange Students Program and Scholarship ApplicationOffice of International Affairs2017/11/17
The Conference Themed “Cross the boundary: Localization and Diversity in Gender,” at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/11/17
The Well-known Writer, Shi-Ying Chu, Visits National University of Tainan and Shares the Method of Logic and Thinking with StudentsOffice of International Affairs2017/11/10
Creative Education of National Defense: A meaningful Visit to Coast Guard DepartmentOffice of International Affairs2017/11/10
NUTN collaborates with Tainan City Police Department (TCPD): Anti-Scam PropagandaOffice of International Affairs2017/11/3
NUTN Counseling Center Holds Suicide Prevention WorkshopOffice of International Affairs2017/11/3
The Highlight in the Project from MOE: An Application of Plants Searching Developed by NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/10/27
The Day for Taiwanese Girls: Tainan Voiced for GirlsOffice of International Affairs2017/10/27
NUTN Cooperates with Local Industry and organizes the Intelligent Agricultural Extension WorkshopOffice of International Affairs2017/10/20
Retired NUTN Professor Qing-Rong Cheng Received the Global Chinese Culture & Arts Award for his Dedication to Literature EducationOffice of International Affairs2017/10/20
NUTN UMC After-School Tutorial Center Celebrates Teachers’ DayOffice of International Affairs2017/10/16
New Book from Rung Lin: The Life Stories of NUTN Alumni Office of International Affairs2017/10/16
Are you Kidnapped by the Internet?Office of International Affairs2017/10/6
Lin Chih Hsin: Painting Taiwan’s Beauty with His LifeOffice of International Affairs2017/10/6
National University of Tainan ranked the top 1000 universities in the worldOffice of International Affairs2017/9/29
Passing Down the Heritage at NUTN: The Opening Ceremony of the First Semester of the Academic Year 106Office of International Affairs2017/9/29
High 5 NUTN: Hilarious Parents’ Day for the Freshmen of Class 106Office of International Affairs2017/9/22
NUTN Student Team Subsidized with 500,000 Dollars by the U-start Program from MOEOffice of International Affairs2017/9/22
NUTN granted Funding of USR (University Social Responsibility) Project Titled Teach for remote areas: Establish educational supplies depot for remote Qigu District from MOE (The Ministry of Education)Office of International Affairs2017/9/14
NUTN collaborates with Long Gang Elementary School: Summer Camp of Character EducationOffice of International Affairs2017/9/14
NUTN Students Head to SJK (C) Yuk Chai for Educational Internship and MOU Signed between Two SchoolsOffice of International Affairs2017/7/18
NUTN Students Head to Malaysia for Educational InternshipOffice of International Affairs2017/7/6
NUTN Students to Conduct Summer Camps at Remote AreasOffice of International Affairs2017/6/26
2017 Tainan I College ITRI Leader Training Program Kicks Off at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/6/26
NUTN Carries out Industry-University Collaboration with SSS Life HotelOffice of International Affairs2017/6/19
NUTN International Students Present Writings after a Semester-long Free Calligraphy ClassOffice of International Affairs2017/6/19
NUTN Department of Chinese Language and Literature Holds 2017 Graduation Calligraphy ExhibitionOffice of International Affairs2017/6/12
NUTN Holds Industry-University Collaboration Product Launch with Green Maker Technology Co.Office of International Affairs2017/6/12
NUTN and NCKU Invite Facebook AI Research (FAIR) Director Yann LeCun to Taiwan Office of International Affairs2017/6/5
2017 NUTN Golden Rain Festival to Kick Off on June 4Office of International Affairs2017/6/3
NUTN Department of Visual Arts and Design Wins “Vision Get Wild Exhibition” Animation New Talent AwardOffice of International Affairs2017/5/31
NUTN Students Head to Malaysia for Multicultural Trainee CourseOffice of International Affairs2017/5/31
NUTN Office of International Affairs Takes International Students on a Rewarding Visit to National Museum of Taiwan HistoryOffice of International Affairs2017/5/11
NUTN Signs MOU with Halal International SelangorOffice of International Affairs2017/5/1
Uni-President Enterprises Corporation Senior Vice President Wu Chung-Sung Delivers Speech at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2017/5/1
NUTN Department of Public Administration and Management Wins Excellent Marketing Prize in 2017 Second TSC Marketing SymposiumOffice of International Affairs2017/4/21