Category:NUTN News (English)
主旨(Subject)公告單位(Department)公告日期(Time Posted)
NUTN Provides Impetus for AI-FML International Academy to be Officially EstablishedOffice of International Affairs2020/1/9
International Academic Symposium of NUTN Annual Educational Seminar Officially DebutedOffice of International Affairs2019/12/20
NUTN 121th School Anniversary Celebration, Kicking Off A Lively Opening Ceremony and Passing the Torch Office of International Affairs2019/12/18
NUTN International Cultural Week Sharing Results of InternationalizationOffice of International Affairs2019/12/18
《If We Still Have Tomorrow》Welcome to exchange tickets with receipts, NUTN Department of English Graduation PerformanceOffice of International Affairs2019/12/18
Graduation field trip to Taiwan- The Affiliated Senior High School of National University of Tainan Welcomed Japanese Senior High School StudentsOffice of International Affairs2019/11/19
National University of Tainan (NUTN) Higher Education Sprout Project-promoting students the abilities of expressions and presentationsOffice of International Affairs2019/10/23
Teachers and students from National University of Tainan visited the winner of Turing awardOffice of International Affairs2019/10/14
2019 Achievement of Teacher-Student Mutual Learning CommunityOffice of International Affairs2019/10/9
The Ambassador from National University of Tainan held an experience activityOffice of International Affairs2019/10/8
2019 Fall semester: cultural field trip to Shanhua and DowntownOffice of International Affairs2019/9/26
Lovely New Family Orientation in NUTNOffice of International Affairs2019/9/12
Recalling the air forces love for the Military Dependents’ Villages: "Those good old days" premiere at the Cultural Park in Shuijiaoshe Village Office of International Affairs2019/6/14
Special training of NUTN Friendship Ambassador (NUTNFA) for the cemmencement Ceremony Office of International Affairs2019/6/3
A Series of Lectures on "AI and Brain Learning" at NTUN: Learn computational thinkingOffice of International Affairs2019/5/29
NUTN invites Tainan City Police Department to promote traffic safetyOffice of International Affairs2019/5/29
NUTN Mothers Day Thanksgiving Event "What kind of person is the happiest?"Office of International Affairs2019/5/21
NUTN invites Professor KunCheng Xu to guide teachers and students to witness the development of Taiwanese artsOffice of International Affairs2019/5/10
Rock Doctor ShiYang Su and Rosetomb Share Life Story at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2019/4/30
Innovative classes in arts at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2019/4/26
2019 Tainan Joint Career Fair at NUTN on April 10thOffice of International Affairs2019/4/24
A Conference on Teaching-Based Research of HESP at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2019/4/15
NUTN ECE Annual Achievement ExhibitionOffice of International Affairs2019/3/28
Ming Hua Yuan Chief Editor, Master Shengguo Chen Teaches Students of Drama Department at NUTNOffice of International Affairs2019/3/21
“Donate blood, Donate love” NUTN Blood Donation Campaign Office of International Affairs2019/3/19
NUTN Holds Spring Gathering for International StudentsOffice of International Affairs2019/3/11
NUTN Department of Special Education held the "Special Education Winter Camp” at NanXing Elementary SchoolOffice of International Affairs2019/3/5